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Sunday's Letters to the Editor

Playing politics

EDITOR: I thought I’d seen it all when it comes to political campaigns, but this one takes the cake. With the knowledge that District Attorney Jill Ravitch only received the Lopez investigation two days before, Victoria Shanahan is slamming Ravitch for her handling of the case (“Lopez case heats up June D.A.’s race,” Feb. 1).

Aside from the fact that most of what Shanahan asserts is pure fiction, in her holier than thou attempt to tarnish Ravitch, she is heartlessly using the tragic death of Andy Lopez to further her own political career. This is the epitome of callousness and is nothing short of shameful for someone who wants to be our top law enforcement officer.

Fortunately, Ravitch will not get down in the mud with her and has correctly said she will not allow this tragedy to be politicized.

Like I said, I’d thought I’d seen it all but Victoria Shanahan has hit a new low in the world of politics. Thank you for making this decision much easier. I’m honored to be voting for Jill Ravitch, our district attorney, this June.


Santa Rosa

Perkins and wealth

EDITOR: Perhaps Tom Perkins is to be congratulated (“A war on the rich? Or a race to the bottom?” Editorial, Jan. 31). He has advertised his wealth without any philanthropy and with a simple application of cognitive dissonance. It seems a part of what venture capitalists are all about.



Finding something new

EDITOR: Leonard Pitts’ column in Wednesday’s paper (“Change across the universe”) exemplifies an opinion that seems to be pervasive among modern adults. Apparently, kids these days are deprived of any feeling of change or revolution because pop music today is stale and corporate. Which is, for the most part, true.

What Pitts missed is the way the world, and music culture, has changed since 1964. Pop music is barely a shadow of what is readily available to young people at the click of a button. People generally don’t go to Justin Bieber for change. That feeling of something new happening can come from whatever music interests you; that could be Beyonce, Beethoven, Radiohead or some obscure band with 50views on YouTube that no one else likes. There are more options than ever before.

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