Stories from Pete Golis

Golis: Finding ourselves in books

A decade ago, I asked readers to recommend books to revive my interest in serious novels.

Golis: Santa Rosa council does what's right

The Santa Rosa City Council has made a decision that affirms a belief in its future.

Golis: Santa Rosa grabs for your cellphone

Who out there is excited about the Santa Rosa City Council's plan to tax your cellphone?

Golis: Reagan, Nixon and me

The Reagan library is worth seeing just for its hilltop setting and the glossy production.

Golis: For Santa Rosa, urgency, as defined

Santa Rosa's plan for Roseland annexation: Four more years of talking.

Golis: Facing drought facts

Without a deluge (or two or three or four), we're going to be in a world of trouble.

Golis: Privacy? What privacy?

Until last week, I tried to pretend that my thermostat wasn't spying on me.

Golis: Neighbors, not always friends

Mumber of chronically homeless people is increasing.

Golis: Calling our better angels

It would be sad to think it took death of 13-year-old boy to teach us there is work to do.

Golis: A closet full of self-esteem

The self-esteem movement began — where else? — in California.

Golis: 50 years of memory and myth

Our judgments of JFK are forever clouded by thoughts of what might have been.

Golis: Agonies of a city divided

It's in nobody's best interest that there are two Santa Rosas.

Golis: Hometown progress on parks

The past week won't be remembered for its feel-good stories about government.

Golis: Common sense, please

The middle class is shrinking, and the gulf between the haves and have-nots is growing.

Golis: Honoring our Latino history

In Sonoma County, about one in four residents today is Latino, and the number is growing.

Golis: Hard times in rural counties

Siskiyou County supervisors declared their intention to secede and form the 51st state.

Golis: Public spaces, livable cities

Big-box stores may be an economic necessity, but they could be anywhere.

Golis: A changing landscape for news

The news industry didn't need to be reminded that technology is changing everything.

Golis: Are the suburbs in decline?

There is evidence that a new generation of Americans may be turning away from suburbia.

GOLIS: Race and the story of America

Race and the politics of race continue to cast a long shadow over the American story.

GOLIS: When news and politics go viral

It was right before midnight and 183,000 of us were watching the Texas state Senate fall apart.

GOLIS: Dads in this time and place

I feel lucky to have come along when fathers were more engaged with their children, and I'll bet most of my peers feel the same.

GOLIS: Notes to the class of 2013

In many ways, the Class of 2013 has an understanding of how to deal with a rapidly changing world. The same can't be said for their elders.

GOLIS: Standing by Boston - even as we leave

BOSTON - On Monday afternoon, we were sitting in an airplane about to leave the gate at Boston's Logan airport when my cellphone buzzed.

GOLIS: Protesters taking a bough

As with every protest of civil disobedience, whether you approve of the tactics probably depends on whether you think the Willits bypass is a good idea.

GOLIS: See the inevitable shrinking government

In fits and starts, local governments in Sonoma County and elsewhere are trying to make sense of the unhappy but inexorable change in their fortunes.

GOLIS: Can local Republicans come back?

As leaders of the California GOP last week tried to explain the decline of their fortunes, what was most surprising is that they seemed surprised.

GOLIS: The bumpy road to smaller government

While other groups complain about the decline of government services, the people involved with SOSRoads organized to do something about it.

GOLIS: Movies for this time and place

Having watched many of this year's Oscar-nominated movies, I'm less nostalgic for what came before.

GOLIS: Better days, but much work remains

Your hometown economy is growing again. Celebrations can begin now — so long as we don't forget that the work is just beginning.

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